Community Links

List of services which parents of young children, may need to resource, for Steele County:

Advocates for Developmental Disabilities                                                                
Provides respite care/special sitters, support, advocacy, service to children with developmental disabilities, provides speakers.
109 Rose Street, Owatonna

Associates of Psychiatry and Psychology                                                                
507- 455-0992
Provides counseling for individual, family, and child counseling for victims of abuse.  Treatment of ADD and ADHD Children.
120 Landmark Drive NE, Suite 1, Owatonna

Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Southern Minnesota                                          
(507) 451-5922 Matches a child age 3-14, usually from a one parent unit with responsible adult who will spend time with the child.
545 Dunnell Drive, Owatonna

Children and Youth with Special Health Needs                   
(651)201–3650 or (800)728–5420
Medical evaluations, treatment, and equipment costs to those with handicapped conditions.           
PO Box 64882, St. Paul               

Children’s Remedial Fund                                                                                     
(507) 444-8804
A United Way Program to help with medical, dental and clothing costs not covered by other services.
325 Meadow Lane, Owatonna

Crisis Resource Center of Steele County
(507) 451-1202
Provides support and confidential services to individuals affected by domestic abuse and sexual violence
125 West Front Street, Owatonna

Owatonna Area Hospice                                                          
(507) 455-7628 or (507) 446-0936
Grief education and support program for children and adults.
2350 NW 26th Street, Owatonna

Owatonna Clinic                                                                                                      
(507) 451-1120
Primary and specialty medical care.
2200 26th Street NW, Owatonna

Owatonna Park and Recreation                                                                             
(507) 444-4321
540 West Hills Circle, Owatonna

Owatonna Public Library                                                                                       
(507) 444-2460
105 North Elm Avenue, Owatonna

Owatonna Public Schools                                                                                        
(507) 444-8600
515 West Bridge Street, Owatonna

Owatonna Public Schools- Early Childhood Special Education                         
(507) 444-7800
115 East Rose Street, Owatonna

Parent Provider Connection                                                                                   
(507) 455-2526
Childcare Resource and Referral for families needing child care. They also offer emergency subsidies for childcare.
560 Dunnell Drive, Suite 207, Owatonna

South Central Human Relations Center                                 
(507) 451-2630 or (800) 722-0590      Individual and family counseling
610 Florence Avenue, Owatonna

SEMCAC of Steele County                                                                                   
(507) 451-7134
Provides assistance programs for individuals of low income
545 Dunnell Drive, Owatonna

Steele County Clothesline
 (507) 451-2550
Provides free of charge clothing.
155 Oakdale Street, Suite B, Owatonna

Steele County Food Shelf                                                                                        
(507) 455-2991
Emergency food products.
155 Oakdale Street, Owatonna

Steele County Human Services                                                                               
(507) 444-7500
Assistance for families who need child care assistance
630 Florence Avenue, Owatonna

Steele County Law Enforcement                                                                            
(507) 444-3800
204 East Pearl Street, Owatonna

Steele County Public Health                                                                                    
(507) 444-7650
Maternal Child Health Project, Handicapped, Chronically, Ill Children.  In-home care for children with special needs.
635 Florence Avenue, Owatonna