Curriculum and Services

Program Goals and Educare for Your Child:
Kid's Korner Curriculum

Curriculum Outline

Curriculum Standards for your child

Our teacher's teach in ways that match how children develop and learn. We do this by integrating and practicing skills and prior knowledge that supports the children's academic, social, emotional, physical, cognitive, language and communication, nutritional, cultural, and educational progress.

To best facilitate the curriculum, Kid's Korner creates a monthly theme, which is utilized throughout the center, to enhance and incorporate appropriate practices for all ages. From this theme, each classroom has individualized lesson plans implemented on a weekly basis. In turn, our entire center creates and utilizes a variety of mediums and methods to empower children to succeed and grow.  Our teacher’s utilize individual Portfolios which includes Authentic Observation for each child, creating the foundation for our Lesson Plans.

Services & Rates

Infants staff to child ratio: 1:3
At Kid's Korner, your child's teacher becomes an extension of your family, opening opportunities for your infant to do what comes and explore. There are a number of developmental categories that our teachers work on daily to evaluate and support your baby's progress.

In addition, infants are introduced to Baby sign language. Families will receive weekly newsletters that highlight your baby's classroom activities as well as daily reports. Diapers, wipes, solid foods, infant cereal, and most iron-fortified formulas are provided for your child. We encourage breast-feeding as it is a vitally important bonding time with your baby.

Kid's Korner Educare Center, Inc. 2022 Childcare Rates (Rates effective Monday, January 3, 2022)

INFANTS (6 weeks – 17 months at a 1:3 ratio)
Tuition                $281.00       Daily Rate $105.00 **
Discount (a)       $276.00      
Part time (b)       $266.00

TODDLERS (18 months – 34 months at a 1:6 ratio)
Tuition                $256.00       Daily Rate $100.00 **
Discount (a)        $251.00      
Part Time (b)      $243.00

PRESCHOOL (35 months – 1st day of Kindergarten at a 1:8 & 1:9 ratio)
Tuition                $238.00     Daily Rate $95.00 **
Discount (a)        $233.00    
Part Time (b)      $223.00

LATCHKEY (Kindergarten to 12 years at a 1:15 ratio)
Tuition                $210.00 (summer)           Daily Rate $85.00 **
Part Time            $195.00 (summer)
Before & After     $95.00 (school year)


Tuition: The weekly tuition charged for full-time childcare services provided by Kid's Korner Educare. Full-time tuition includes enrollment of more than 30 hours and less than 45 hours per week. Care over 45 hours per week is subject to a fee of $20.00 per hour. (See the Director for details.) Included in the tuition are diapers and wipes for infants and toddlers, all meals (including iron fortified formula for infants up to 12 months of age) and the complete educational services we offer. There is not a credit on your tuition if you do not use the diapers, wipes, formula or food supplied by Kid's Korner.

Discount: The discount offered to families for care of their sibling children. The discount ALWAYS applies to the oldest child.
(a) To be eligible for a sibling discount the childcare must be full time and your account must be kept current.

Part-time Rate: The part-time rate is a limited option for a family who may use Kid's Korner services less than 30 hours per week.
(b) NOTE: Families Enrolled on a part-time basis do not receive a vacation allowance.

Registration Fee: The fee charged upon acceptance of a child for enrollment at Kid's Korner. The registration fee is $50.00 per child.

Vacation Allowance: Families enrolled on a full-time basis for 1 complete year receive a 1 week Vacation Allowance. Vacation allowance does not apply to part-time families, families enrolled seasonally, or school-age children.

** Daily Rate: The rate paid to Kid's Korner for childcare when the above listed traditional or standard terms do not fulfill childcare needs. We define a day as care for 6 hours or more. Hourly is $40.00 per hour. We reserve the right to limit these options!

All payments are to be set up through ACH (automatic withdrawal) due on a schedule predetermined by Kid's Korner Educare. Payments are made for the current and following week. NSF Payments are assessed a $30.00 fee as permissible by law. Minimum billing charge of $2.50 or 1.5% on past due amounts.

All rates are subject to the "TUITION POLICIES AND PROCEDURES" as listed in the Parent Handbook. Please refer to this for a detailed explanation. All rates are pro-rated and guaranteed due and payable all 52 weeks of the year regardless of illness, holiday, vacation or personal days missed unless otherwise stated in the handbook. All rates are subject to change upon a 30 day written notice.